Recent Projects

Example 1: Comparative Analysis of Barriers to Casino Gambling in Europe

A European-based online gambling operator instructed the GamblingCompliance research team to compile a comparative research paper on casino gambling in European Union countries. The report traversed the current status of online and land-based casino gambling in each member state, with an eye on future policy moves.

Included in the report was the profile of casino gambling in each member state, a note on any foreign operator restrictions and other methods of restricting access to the market through ISP and/or payments blocking. Likely future developments in each jurisdiction were also included. A comparative table was included in the report, along with statistics to outline trends and policy movements on a pan-European level.

The turn around time for the report from the initial inquiry to completion was three working days. The client was delighted with the depth and speed of delivery and the cost effectiveness of using our team.

Example 2: Policy Assistance with Player Protection Measures

A gaming regulator seeking to enhance and update player protection measures instructed the GamblingCompliance research team to draft a report on various player protection measures that have been introduced across the globe.

The report focused on preventative protection measures that had been introduced from both the government and the industry. In particular a cross jurisdictional comparison was carried out looking at advertising restrictions, age limits, self-exclusion schemes, use of technology to enhance player protection, and operator funded initiatives.

The report was used to assist in developing policy towards further protecting the player and preventing problem gambling in the jurisdiction.

Example 3: Risk Analysis of Online Gaming Markets in the EU and Beyond

A global internet media holding instructed the GamblingCompliance research team to compile a report on online gambling in 25 international jurisdictions including the USA, with an emphasis on secondary liability issues such as payment processing and internet advertising.

The report outlined the current legal and political situation of online gambling in these countries by listing recent draft bills and policy developments. In addition, each country's approach towards internet service providers (ISP) and payment blocking was also examined in detail.

The status of the national gambling monopolies present in many of the listed jurisdictions was also discussed, placing their protection in context with EU and WTO law limiting restrictions on the free movement of gambling services.

The report contained comparative tables, and forward projections with visual aids summarizing the issues discussed. The report was used as a due diligence tool in assessing the viability of entering various gaming markets.

Example 4: The Russian Federation – A Gaming Market about to Fold

The Russia Research Report was a comprehensive and impartial analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the move to limit gaming activities to four remote zones within Russia. Previously a booming market with limited state regulation, the report examined how the gaming market would be affected by the law which is due to come into effect in July 2009. The research found that there would be considerable difficulties in:

  • Attracting investment to fund the development of the zones
  • Attracting the required tourist numbers for the zones to be profitable
  • Completing any casino or tourist development by July 1, 2009
  • Preventing the proliferation of a black market in areas where slot machine gambling was previously permitted

The report which was drafted between May and July 2008 is a timely snapshot of how gaming in Russia is in transition from a booming market to a gaming market about to fold.

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