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Japan Casino Supporters Hope Abe’s Backing Kickstarts Diet Debate 02 Jun, 2014

Japan’s integrated resorts advocates hope endorsement from the Prime Minister will finally move the casino measure forward and onto parliamentary debate before the regular session winds down later this month.

Japan Legislators Seek To Reassure On Casino Bill Prospects 15 May, 2014

Key Japanese lawmakers spearheading the casino legislative push assured a packed Tokyo business forum today that a bill will pass soon, even as time starts to run out to win over undecided legislators.

Japan To Sell Soccer Lottery Tickets For World Cup 13 May, 2014

Japanese customers will be able to bet on their favourite FIFA World Cup teams for the first time after the Japan Sports Council revealed plans to offer soccer lottery tickets for the tournament from May 31.

Hokkaido And Nagasaki Study IRs, But Tokyo Still Neutral 11 Mar, 2014

Japanese municipalities Hokkaido and Nagasaki are pushing ahead with studies on integrated resorts (IRs) development, while the new governor of Tokyo, the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics, remains undecided on its plans.

Casino Backers In Japan Launch Promotional Forum 07 Feb, 2014

Supporters of casino development in Japan convened this week for a kick-off meeting to launch what organisers are tentatively calling the Council for Promotion of Integrated Resorts.

Osaka And Okinawa Continue Preparations While Awaiting IR Legislation Passage 05 Feb, 2014

The prefectures of Osaka and Okinawa have been eyeing advancements made in the Japanese parliament and preparing for the possible passage of the casino enabling bill this year.

Japan Coalition Partner Not Ready To Agree On Casino Measure 25 Nov, 2013

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party's coalition partner New Komeito party is not in a state to agree on the casino measure by the end of this year.

Japan’s Expanded Soccer Betting To Kick Off This Week 21 Nov, 2013

Soccer lottery fans in Japan will be able to bet on German and English leagues and games starting on Saturday, November 23.

Japan's IR Giren Agrees To Resubmit Casino Bill As A Coalition 14 Nov, 2013

The cross-party legislative group charged with enabling casino legislation in Japan has resolved to push forward a jointly-backed bill before the end of this year.

Japan’s Lawmakers Tout 2020 Olympics Opportunity to Move Casino Plans 19 Sep, 2013

Chances of a casino law materialising are probably at their best in the last ten years, said Takeshi Iwaya, a key lower house lawmaker backing casinos in Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party.